We’re honored to be featured in Wifi Hifi magazine amongst so many established and lauded consumer electronics brands. Our industrial design and development for high-end loudspeakers has become a strong focus and we always hoped our contribution to this industry would be worth such high praise. Below is a snippet from the feature:

The German designer Dieter Rams, who worked for Braun in the 1960s, once said, “Good design is as little design as possible. Good design is what makes a product useful. And great design, is making something memorable and meaningful.” Steve Jobs used to explain design like this: “Some people think design means how a product looks. But if you dig deeper, design is about how it works. It’s about the experience.” Each of us has a sense of what good design means. For Rams, a product either worked or it didn’t. It either sold or it didn’t. To get a better idea of the importance of design and what makes a product successful, we turned to Scott Gibson, President of Gibson Product Design. From his atelier in Ottawa, Gibson has helped some of the biggest names in consumer electronics come to market.