Raven by Klashwerks

Connected Car System

Raven’s Connected Car System gives your car the intelligence needed to make drivers smarter, safer and more connected while on the road. It combines several technologies (cellular, security, telematics, navigation, and cameras) into a single, sleek dash-mounted product.

Raven connected car rendering

Design Goals

To design a product that lives inside a car, we first had to get familiar with the car interior and all its variations. We also started to track how people were using products that were currently on the market. This allowed us to gain insights about the use environment and user behaviors.  These insights help us identify issues that could effect the user experience of the product.

Car interior industrial design research

Concept Design

We explored various forms, drawing inspiration from elements of car interiors, and imputing some contemporary consumer electronics aesthetic.

raven connected car industrial design concept
raven connected car industrial design concept
Raven connected car industrial design concept
raven connected car system

Design Development

After one concept was chosen by the team, we fleshed out the mounting strategy and OBD connector design. We detailed the CAD model to a point where we could start to engage manufacturers.

Mechanical Design

We worked with the team at Klashweks, as well as, the component manufacturers to devise the assembly process for Raven. We worked out final design for manufacturing details with input from the manufacturing and assembly partners.  We worked with Ottawa Mould Craft, a local injection moulding company to produce all the plastic components. Lexan, Santoprene and high strength Nylon are used to give Raven a chassis that will withstand the wild temperature range that an automobile can see.

raven connected car mechanical design exploded view

CES Winner!

Raven was awarded with an Innovations Award at the international Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2018.

CES award 2018 logo