Product Renderings

Creating photorealistic images of your design is a great way to show it off, either for a pitch or marketing on the web. We develop 3D CAD and use rendering software to create realistic images that show colours, materials, and finishes of your finished product. The software can be used to render your product in a variety of lighting environments and/or backdrops that can bring your product to life.

Packaging Design

Consumers want to connect with a brand, not just buy a product. In addition to protecting the product, eye catching packaging design can help your product fly off the shelves. We consider all the important details including: form factors, graphics, dielines, unboxing experience, shipping efficiencies, and environmental impact.


Magazine advertisements, trade show booths, banners, and web/social ads are a great way to market your product and attract attention that drives sales. We design assets, for digital and print, that help to pitch your product to your target audience.

User Manual

A user manual is a requirement for sales in many markets, especially for certified products. We design user manuals that not only include critical safety information but also concisely capture and illustrate the steps to correctly setup and use the product. We develop print and web ready user manuals that include technical illustrations, iconography, infographics, graphic design, and document formatting.

Logo Design

A great logo is at the core of any good brand, often the face of your brand. It’s a signal to your target audience that you understand them, empathize with them. A logo can be serious, playful, focussed, or irreverent… and more. We design logos by studying your brand and understanding your target market. Logo design requires careful attention to details such as choice of font, juxtaposition with iconography, edge and corner details, and the use of colour (or not).

Product Animations

We can support your product marketing with realistic product animations showing how the product looks, works, or how it goes together. If your product has moving parts, animations can highlight actions that are critical to the use. Seeing a highlight moving along an edge or surface can go the extra mile to bringing your product to life. With larger products, zooming into a key feature provides rich context.


Real photography is a great way to give your product realism that sometimes just can’t be captured in rendered images. Food, soft goods, and in-context imagery are a few examples where product photography is the best tool. 

Style Guide

A style guide, as it relates to product design, can capture a variety of design details that make a product yours. The best brands in the world have a style guide, a “play book”, and stick to it. For larger brands, a style guide can differentiate product categories and orient product designs toward different markets. We help brands create a product design style guide that can capture a variety of key design elements related to your brand including form, colours materials and finishes, and logo placement.

Anthem AV product style guide

Quick Start Guide

A simple quick-start guide is an excellent way to get your customer quickly up and running with their new product. This can include a variety of setup and use instructions that people need in order to properly and safely use your product. Great graphic design, illustrations, and formatting are all critical to ensure the information and messaging is concise.

The Spa Dragon Quick Start Guide