Logo, Branding and Packaging

3Leaf is a new high end edible cannabis brand focusing on low-dose products. The branding needed to communicate their “food first” mentality while also appealing to users in in the competitive Southern California market. We gave creative direction on all items associated with the 3Leaf branding, including logo design, packaging graphics, product photography, website design and marketing collateral.

3Leaf product photography of granola bites packaging

Logo Design

The main element of the 3Leaf Branding is the new logo. We created the logo for 3Leaf, as well as, selecting the fonts to be used across their marketing materials. A fun, and intricate logo is paired with crisp, modern fonts to create a sophisticated but approachable look across all product branding. These elements combined with a dramatic black and gold colour scheme help to elevate this premium product in the eyes of the consumer.

3Leaf logo design concepts

Website Design

We provided visual guidance all elements needed to create the 3Leaf website, including layout, imagery and fonts. We helped select a Wordpress template that the site could be built upon, and directed the development of the site. We used the same process to design and develop our own Momentum Product Design website.

Visit 3leafedibles.com

3Leaf website mockup on phone and computer