STR by Anthem A/V

2 Channel Amplifier

“The revolutionary STR Integrated Amplifier is based on an entirely new technological platform, for true benchmark performance in stereo amplification.” – Anthem AV

Our job was to design an iconic amplifier and establish a new visual identity that is clean, modern, and just as new as the innovations it contains. Our vision would become the new design language for all new Anthem products.

Anthem STR amplifier

Conceptual Direction

A refocus on screen graphics as the primary user interface meant a big departure from the existing design language. Our task was to create a new design vocabulary that concisely spoke to this departure.

Design Definition

With a strong move toward on-screen graphics as the primary interface, we felt the physical form should support this message. We developed a design that visually split the device in half – screen on the left and physical input features on the right. To add a unique quality to the physical input side, we subtly curved the surface – an homage to the Anthem flag. The juxtaposition between flat and curved faces establishes a strong, clean, design statement that Anthem will move forward into future A/V products.

Mechanical Design

We transitioned our industrial design into preliminary mechanical design documentation. Our definition of materials, finishes and processes was communicated to the internal engineering team at Anthem to move the product into final production.

UI Graphic Design

UI graphics are a critical consideration when designing a complex audio product interface. We developed the UI and on-screen graphics to optimize the user experience when setting up and operating the STR integrated amplifier.