MAP 220 By Viavi

Optical Measurement Instrument

MAP 220, the newest addition to the MAP series, is a portable and benchtop fiber-optic test instrument. At its core, MAP 220 is a rack-mountable chassis and has been built out to include handles, bumpers, tilt-adjust feet, stacking details, and appearance-integrating components. The MAP 220 serves as a reference design for new test instrument products.

Viavi JDSU map220 front view

Conceptual Direction

With much of the electronics and sheet metal design complete, Gibson Product Design was engaged to design features that addressed usability and ergonomics limitations. MAP 220 is a portable device which had to be versatile, robust, and fit alongside existing MAP products. In addition, we were asked to define a new visual vocabulary that would serve as a new design guideline for ensuing products. Much of our focus was derived by the need for carrying handles, angle adjustment, and protecting critical I/O.

Viavi industrial design illustration

Mechanical Design

For MAP 220, we did much of the early stage mechanical design (including pop-out feet) before handing off to engineers at Viavi who further developed the parts for manufacture. An important part of this transition was to preserve the aesthetic and functional characteristics. Our close relationship and on-going participation ensured a successful outcome.

Viavi mechanical design detail illustration