Stylus Handset

TrueNorth came to Momentum Product Design to refresh the industrial design of their TrueNorth Stylus aviation handset. The existing handset had a great functional reputation, but lacked any aesthetic punch. Installed mainly in private aircraft, the handset needed a design that would help it look at home in the most luxurious environments. The handset features a customizable back plate, allowing it to blend into any aircraft interior.

360 view of Truenorth stylus aviation handset design
truenorth handset industrial design sketches

Concept Design

We explored different forms and experimented with high end materials in the concept stage. We sketched a lot of variants to help refine the look that we wanted for this handset design.

Mechanical Design

We went from all the way from the initial concept phase, to handing off detailed drawings to manufacturers to get this product to market. Having our experienced designers involved in the process throughout is a great way to make sure none of the design intent is lost along the way to manufacturing. Integrating the new design with the electronics inside. Custom shaped PCB. Assembly steps, etc.

handset design exploded view
Material examples

Material Selection

Aluminum housings, Gorilla glass and 2-Shot Injection Moulded Polycarbonate give the stylus handset an impressive appearance and a solid, durable feel.


Since blending into a high-end environment was a priority, we designed a customizable back plate design into the handset. The owner can choose from an endless number of finishes, have custom graphics applied, or even match the wood grain of the aircraft interior.

Replaceable handset inlay designs