Mechanical Design

We develop all the internal details in concert with the outer housings to ensure the best possible end product. We define the placement of all internal components, define PCB shapes, select component materials and and develop the assembly strategy.

Shopify Tap & Chip ghosted view of mechanical design

Materials Selection

A key aspect of any design is to understand the properties of materials and how they will perform under various conditions. This includes both selecting the right material, as well as determining the appropriate part geometry to maximize its strength, weight and any other constraints, such thermal management.

Product Assembly

We devise an assembly strategy that ensures your product is robust and efficient to produce. We define all aspects of your product assembly. From screws to snap fits to adhesives, we can help find the right solution for your product.


Prototyping is the best way to test a design, and refine it for production. We start by making crude desktop mockups, and slowly progress through foam models, 3D printed prototypes, and finally prototyping in the real production materials. Along the way, the design is tested in real-world scenarios, and is refined at each step.

ZipGarden Technical Drawings for Manufacturing

Manufacturing Handoff

We provide a full 3D CAD and 2D drawing package of your design. We can help set you up with local or overseas manufacturing resources, and provide them everything they need to start production.