XPND Pedalboard

XPND is a place for guitar players to keep their effects pedals organized. Users can expand the board as they buy new pedals, or collapse it for a small, compact setup. Marketed as “the last pedalboard you will ever need”, you can expect to see this board on stages wherever good music is being played.

Concept Direction

Small cam latches are used to quickly unlock the rails and expand the size of the board. We designed a set of telescopic aluminum extrusions for the rails of pedalboard. Sheet aluminum is cut and bent to form the legs of the board.

Detail Development

We worked with the product development team at D’Addario to refine all details of the board. The parts are designed to be shipped in a small box, and assembled by the end user.


We set about designing a box that was made from a single piece of cardboard. Folded internal tabs provide protection for the product, as well as storage for screws, feet, and cable management parts. A printed sleeve carries all of the in-store sales information, and an instructional card inside the box guides the user through the assembly steps.