Dum Audio

Hi-Fi Stereo System

The Dum Audio Hi-Fi system aims to be simple and ensure an amazing audio experience without the complications and failings of other modern high tech systems. The goal was to create a family of components that are beautiful, retro, and reference an era where technology was stripped down and far more approachable.

Dum Audio Turntable Spinning Record

Detailed Design

We worked with one of our engineering partners, Convergence Design Services, to develop a complete Hi-Fi system that sounds as good as it looks. We developed each of the various components of the system through mechanical design and hand-off for final development with a manufacturing partner. Our hand-off included detailed 3D CAD files as well as 2D control drawings that captured all important CMF details.

Dum Audio Speaker Exploded View

Marketing Collateral

We worked on all of the important supporting marketing and sales documents including spec sheets and user manuals. Developing these important documents alongside the product design ensures a cohesive brand identity across all touch points.

Dum Audio Spec Sheets


In addition to protecting the components in shipping, packaging is a key part of the customer journey with a brand. We designed a no-nonsense set of boxes, and graphics to suit, that speaks to the Dum Audio brand values.

Dum Audio Cardboard Box Diecut