Atraxa VR Controllers

The Atraxa VR controllers, a reference design, were developed to demonstrate NDI’s industry leading spatial tracking technology. Our challenge was to create an ergonomic and elegant controller housing in parallel with the on-going engineering of the core electronics technology. A highly iterative process that required close collaboration between many contributors and an adaptable manufacturing strategy.

NDI Atraxa virtual reality handheld controllers

Conceptual Direction

The core of the Atraxa platform is a 6 Degrees-of-Freedom (6DOF) electromagnetic transmitter. The 6DOF transmitter facilitates non-line-of-site experiences in VR environments that can’t be achieved by typical optical platforms.

Atraxa VR controller transparent view
NDI Atraxa virtual reality controller exploded view

Design Definition

Along with the internal engineering team at NDI, GPD carried the design through various stages of prototyping, and mechanical design definition. It’s important to stay involved to manufacturing hand-off to ensure the design intent is captured and maintained.