Stray Dog Brewing Company

Branding and Visual Identity

At Momentum, we love craft beer. When Stray Dog Brewing Company asked to help with their ongoing graphic design needs, it was an easy decision. As they come up with amazing new beers and quirky names to go with them, we bring their vision for equally quirky imagery to life.

Stray Dog Brewing beer can graphic design

Label Design

For every new beer, we developed an illustration/graphic to go with the chosen name. It was important to allow each new beer to express its individuality but also link it to the brand. The template was inspired by our initial can sleeve for “This One”, Stray Dog’s first beer. Our consistent application of assets, placement, line weights, forms, colours, and style set the course for Stray Dog’s visual identity.

Stray Dog Brewing beer can graphic design

Logo Design Refinement

A logo plays a key role in the brand identity of a company. We helped refine Stray Dog’s logo to improve balance, alignment, spacing, and proportion.

Stray Dog logo graphic design refinement