Near Health

SmartBrief Incontinence Monitor

Gibson Product Design worked closely with Near Health to develop a wireless incontinence system that’s designed to provide a secure and reliable monitoring solution for caregivers. Design, prototyping and in-facility product testing resulted in a dignified solution for the improved health and well-being of residents with incontinence.

Near SmartBrief transmitter industrial design


Thorough user testing was required to validate the functionality and durability of the proposed designs. A series of functional test units were built to implement on site in a number of healthcare facilities. GPD coordinated the prototyping and provided in-house assembly of a short run of 30 functional assemblies in overmoulded cast urethane.

Mechanical Design

The SmartBrief transmitter needed to perform reliably and meet the requirements of daily use in a healthcare facility. We developed a housing with waterproof gasket, durable hinge, and clamping latch mechanism that allowed the transmitter pins to engage securely with the integral traces in the SmartBrief.


GPD worked closely with manufacturing partners in China and Taiwan through the transition to mass manufacturing. 2D engineering drawings and collaborating through DFM (design for manufacturing) reviews and refinements help ensure quality of final parts and assemblies.

Near Health is on track to provide an innovative and needed improvement in the healthcare industry that improves the user experience for both the caregiver and patient.