Gibson Product Design has become…..

A word, an identity, a new brand, that represents who we are and what we bring to our clients.

Our Logo

After exploring many options, this sharp, revolved letter “M” shape was getting the most attention. After a bit more research, we found that it’s actually a spin on an ancient symbol that has been used since the earliest forms of the alphabet. It is a “Dagaz” and is translated  to “new day”, or “awakening”. Its meaning perfectly fit the transformation of our studio.

Our History

Scott Gibson started our studio in 1982. Ottawa is a hotbed for high-end electronics, and Gibson built a client base there while attracting local talent from Carleton University’s school of Industrial Design. Today, the studio consists of three partners, Scott Gales, Colin Roberts and Mark Boycott, a team that has been together for over a decade. Our name has changed, what hasn’t is our dedication to creativity, collaboration and the delivery of uncompromised results.