Paradigm Electronics Inc.

Premium Wireless Series

We worked in close collaboration with the engineers at Paradigm Electronics to develop the Paradigm Premium Wireless Series. A powerful lineup of hifi speakers and wireless amplifier. We helped Paradigm find a form for their first ever line of wireless products.  Momentum worked concurrently with the Paradigm Advanced Research Center to create the best functioning speaker possible.

Paradigm Wireless family GPD industrial design

Market Research

Paradigm came to us for our expertise in designing consumer audio products. The Paradigm Premium Wireless Series is their first family of wireless speakers and amplifiers. We gave them a contemporary look, without sacrificing the brand value they have accumulated over the past 40 years. After surveying the market and analyzing Paradigm’s own brand assets, we were able to find a niche in the market where they could succeed.

Wireless speaker industrial design research

Concept Design

We explored a wide range of forms, as we iterated toward a solution that was right for Paradigm.

Wireless speaker industrial design concept renderings

Technology Integration

We worked with the engineers at Paradigm to bring the Premium Wireless Series to life. We developed the three products in the series concurrently. This allowed the team to create custom drivers and amplifiers that were perfectly suited to the housings that we were developing. We also helped develop the configuration strategy for all three products.

Paradigm wireless mechanical design

Detail Refinement

Paradigm speaker user interface


Paradigm speaker CMF design


paradigm speaker product design metal grille


Line Extension

Momentum also worked on conceptual designs for a soundbar, subwoofer and wireless range extender products.

Paradigm wireless speaker designs