Powertrip by Powerstick.com

Portable Charger

Powerstick asked us to design and develop this portable charger. Powerstick manufactures products for the corporate gifting market and needed a solution that allowed them to easily customize the product. It's charged via pop-out wall charging prongs, a solar panel, or USB and provides the user with hours of extra battery life.

Powertrip portable battery pack design

Conceptual Ideation

We looked at a number of conceptual directions that centered around the idea of providing a large flat surface that could be easily customized. Borrowing from their existing product design, we focused on a strong two-tone design. The ribbed black band wraps around the entire product and unifies the various inputs and outputs of the user interface.

powertrip design concept sketches

Mechanical Design

In conjunction with internal electronics engineers at Powerstick we carried Powertrip through the entire development process. Fully resolved 2D drawings, part materials and specifications, and 3D CAD files were the final deliverable from GPD. One of our fastest time-to-market projects, 8 months, that could have only been accomplished with a very thorough design process supported by important management resources on the ground in Shenzhen.

CES Winner!

The design was submitted to CES, Consumer Electronics Show - Las Vegas, in 2011 to the "Portable Media Accessories" category and won!

CES award 2011 portable media accessories