Life Saver Pool Fence

Solar Powered Deck Light

Life Saver Pool Fence asked us to design and develop a solar powered LED deck light. They required us to provide an end-to-end turn-key project that included product design/development, electronics design, packaging design, certification, and manufacturing. We recommended an ideal Chinese OEM based on several successful previous projects.

Life Saver Pool Fence solar LED light design

Conceptual Direction

At the core of the concept were a few key areas of focus. It had to be solar powered, low profile to avoid becoming a trip hazard, and waterproof. The design, “T” shaped in cross section, was chosen to maximize the surface area of the solar panel and provide depth for the rechargeable AA battery.

Life Saver Pool Fence solar LED light concept sketch
Life Saver Pool Fence solar LED light exploded view

Design Definition

To seal the upper light unit, we developed the parts for ultrasonic welding and disguised unsightly welding blemishes with an elegant texture shift. Further, a simple and effective spring contact was designed to ensure a consistent electrical connection.  Finally, to seal the battery chamber we drew from waterproof flashlights and incorporated an o-ring.

Pool Fence solar LED light packaging design layout

Packaging Design

Our packaging design set out to be a silent salesman. We developed the overall construction approach in 3D CAD, refined the marketing message, and provided all of the graphic assets. Finally we handed off print ready files and finish specifications.


Key to the success of every project is the transition to manufacturing. We have developed solid partnerships with a variety of manufacturers to realize a turn-key project. In the case of the Pool Fence Solar Deck Light, we collaborated with our recommended OEM to provide electronics development, sourcing, certification, mass production, and delivery.