UV Sanitizer and Dryer

The CoralUV 2 is a small household household germ killing device, packed with 6 high-power UV LED lights as well as a heater, fan, and HEPA filter. The Coral UV 2 is able to sanitize and dry a wide range of items from personal electronics and jewelry to baby bottles and dog toys.

front of the coral uv sanitizer open button


Our design tasks included giving the CoralUV 2 a beautiful exterior that would blend into the household environment. Users can easily operate the device through a convenient touch-panel on the top surface.

top surface of coral uv sanitizer with buttons and purple uv light

Mechanical Design

Our second major task was to help facilitate the use of a new technology, UV LEDs. We worked with the CoralUV team, electronic engineers and UV suppliers to refine the number, type, and pattern of UV LEDs that would achieve the maximum level of sterilization inside the product.

coral uv sanitizer with lid open