Rapidspar by Deepspar

Data Recovery Device

RapidSpar is a compact, portable, and rugged device for the data recovery specialist. Our design challenge focused on housing a removable hard drive adjacent to a densely packed PCB and touch LCD in a robust, yet simple package. Launched with low production volumes, RapidSpar elegantly integrates extrusions, precision machined parts, and small ABS mouldings.

Prototypes, Refinement, and Specification

Once we captured the overall design intent we worked through all of the details to get Rapidspar to production. This is always an iterative process that requires close attention to detail and deep experience in multiple manufacturing processes. For Rapidspar we developed a set of aluminum extrusions, with an anodized finish, that allowed for a removable hard drive. In addition, we designed CNC machined aluminum end caps, a small injection-moulded part to support the LCD, and developed a spring mounted heat sink that channeled heat from the IC to the extrusion. We used our extensive network to bring several manufacturing partners to the table and delivered the project on time and on budget.

Mechanical Design

We continued to refine the design of Rapidspar until we had a complete assembly ready for mass manufacture. Tolerancing, CMF specifications, product graphics, and supplier liaison are a few of the critical tasks we undertake in the final stages of a project.

CES Winner!

The design was submitted to CES, Consumer Electronics Show - Las Vegas, in 2016 to the "Computer Peripherals" category and won! The product was regarded as a true innovation in the area of data recovery.