Tablo Dual by Nuvyyo

Over the Air Digital Video Recorder

Tablo Dual is a third generation digital video recording device from Nuvyyo Inc. Gibson Product Design created a new design with improved thermal performance and worked with the engineers at Nuvyyo to bring this product to market. Tablo enables consumers to stream free Over-The-Air HDTV and is capable of recording high definition television to an external hard drive.

Concept Design

We explored multiple forms and ways of improving airflow through the chassis to keep the components cool. These ideas lead to conceptual designs, modeled in CAD and rendered for evaluation.

Nuvyyo heat spreader prototype


One of our main goals was to keep the product running as cool as possible. We achieved this with a combination of venting and an aluminum heat sink mounted inside the housing. The package is small and lightweight, running without a need for a fan which could be a weak point over time.

Mechanical Design

We transitioned our design concept into a set of files that Nuvyyo could take to their manufacturer for production. We assisted them through the design for manufacturing process with their overseas partner.

Marketing Images

We worked alongside the Nuvyyo marketing department, creating images to be used on product packaging and online. We used a combination of Solidworks CAD, Visualize rendering software, and Photoshop to create photorealistic renderings of the Tablo Dual.