The Spa Dragon

Hot Tub Freeze Protection

The Spa Dragon is an internet connected emergency heating device for hot tubs. If a malfunction in cold climates occurs, water can quickly freeze and destroy a hot tub. The Spa Dragon helps prevent irreversible damage by activating a heater unit, flashing a warning light, and send a notification that the hot tub should be checked immediately.

The Spa Dragon Heater and Light Animation

Design Definition

Momentum carefully designed each part to meet stringent UL and safety standards for outdoor use. This included safeguarding against environmental factors such as water ingress, long term durability and implementing fail safes. Given that the Spa Dragon is installed on a hot tub and in close proximity to water, we had to meet the highest flame ratings while incorporating UV resistant plastics. The combination of these requirements created a very complex set of criteria for which we had to design against.

Plastic part with calipers

Prototyping and Sourcing

Utilizing a series of functional prototypes, we meticulously refined The Spa Dragon until it reached its market-ready state. Collaborating closely with our electronics engineering partner, Xogenus, we sourced and specified UL-listed components and materials that comprise the final design.

Manufacturing Release

We developed a complete set of 3D and 2D CAD files, ready for seamless transition to the manufacturing phase. Given the nature of this product, both the factory and the final products will undergo rigorous inspections to guarantee their adherence to the exacting UL standards we diligently designed against.

User Manual

Our commitment extended to the development of an exceptionally detailed user manual. This manual not only encapsulates essential user information but also highlights critical safety precautions and offers step-by-step installation instructions, that guide the user toward a proper install.