INX™ Probe Microscope

The INX™ 760 Inspection Probe Microscope (INX 760) is used to inspect and analyze the end-face of fiber optic connection points. It is used in a wide variety of applications that demand best in-class solutions for usability, ergonomics, and durability. The INX™ 760 Inspection Probe is Viavi’s newest offering meant to build on a variety of pre-existing, industry leading, inspection products.

Rear Three Quarter View of INX 760 showing screen

Conceptual Direction

Viavi, a leader in fiber optic inspection and analysis, came to us to assist their engineering team for the overall ergonomics and aesthetic qualities of the INX™ 760. With the core microscope being well defined, we were able to focus on the use characteristics, form factor, and CMF. Through our concept phases we built and evaluated a variety of basic design configurations. This allowed us to try many ideas quickly and focus on the best ones. Collectively, we narrowed in on a pistol grip with large rear mounted display.

Concept sketch of viavi fiber scope

Design Definition

Our work extended into refinement of the overall ergonomics through rigorous 3D modelling and multiple rounds of 3D printed prototypes, culminating in a final round of weighted prototypes that could be distributed for additional evaluation. The refined design was handed off to the highly capable in-house engineering team at Viavi who continued the development through to mass manufacturing.

Advanced 3D surfacing