Bottle and Accessory Dryer/Sanitizer

EezyDry dries and sanitizes reusable water bottles and other household items. It heats and circulates air into a wet bottle while powerful UVC LED light neutralizes potentially harmful germs.

EezyDry Bottle Dryer Section View


Our challenge was to design a beautiful and compact device that efficiently dries and sanitizes a variety of bottle sizes. In addition, we had to address the obvious concerns related to water in proximity to electricity. Momentum had to come up with creative ways to channel heated air and achieve maximum UVC spread.

EezyDry Concept Sketches

Design Definition

Momentum designed all components of EezyDry for mass manufacture. Each component of EezyDry and EezyTree, a drying accessory, were carefully designed for injection moulding. Special attention was given to preventing water from meeting sensitive electronics. Capactive touch buttons provide a watertight user interface while internal channels guide hot air and mitigate water backflow. Excess water can exit through a water port on the bottom surface.

EezyDry Exploded View


In addition to protecting the components in shipping, packaging is a key part of the customer journey with a brand. We designed internal cardboard support structures, outer box, and developed all customer facing graphics. Our work on graphics extended into the user manual that outlines important safeguards and instructions to get up and running with EezyDry.

EezyDry packaging front and back composition