Tablo is a new device, aimed at transforming the way you consume television at home. Working with an antenna, the device pulls TV channels out of the air and provides a full DVR experience on screen. Clean, modern details are laid over a minimalist form, allowing the product to blend into any modern living space.

Tablo spinning to reveal the top, sides, and bottom of the housing

Concept Direction

Modern home interiors embrace clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. Special attention was paid to materials, finishes and logo treatments to elevate the simple conceptual forms. We embarked on a comprehensive conceptual exploration including formal approaches, wall mounting solutions and cable retention ideas.

three concept renderings for tablo fast showing different form factors

Detailed Design

We worked with the in house electronics designers at Nuvyyo and the manufacturer to make a product that works as good as it looks. Our process involved developing each of the external housing components through mechanical design and preparing them for production. Our hand-off included prototypes, detailed 3D CAD files as well as control drawings that captured all important physical and visual details.


In addition to protecting the components in shipping, packaging is a key part of the customer journey with a brand. We designed a set of boxes, and an unboxing experience, that properly presents the product to its owner and speaks to the Tablo brand values.

Exploded view of tablo fast packaging showing arrangment of product and inserts