Rey® brackets are designed for motorized roller shades. Rey’s concealed wiring and components enable a hassle-free and secure installation. This next-level hardware enhances your personal experience while making home automation and integration easier than ever.

Rey Shades Bracket Group Composition

Concept Direction

Our goal with Rey® was to design a set of brackets suitable for high-end luxury installations. The brackets had to be simple to install, work with both large and small motorized shades, ensure easy installation and removal of the shade, and hide all the mechanical elements and wiring. The finished installation had to be clean, minimalistic, and modern.

Rey Shades Animated Sketch

Detailed Design

Through multiple iterative rounds of 3D CAD development and prototyping, we developed a system of components that could adapt for a variety of common motorized shades. Embedded magnets in both the wall bracket and covers allows for a clean installation with no visible fasteners. Each part of the system was carefully developed for CNC machining, allowing for extremely tight tolerances, beautiful fit-and-finish, and stunning anodized finishes. Careful attention was paid to how the spring loaded "idle" pin end assembles to the wall bracket. A proprietary snap-in bracket was designed to ensure the shades could be easily installed and removed without marring any of the visible surfaces.

Solidworks on a computer work station